Founded in 2005, Cheeky Monkeys is a small, friendly, non-religious learning centre and is catering for children of all nationalities. We promote learning through creative playing and we endeavour to nurture children’s natural love of learning. We have programs for children age 1 to 10 years. We aim to create a fun, beautiful, safe, positive and encouraging environment for children to express themselves and be facilitated through mutual respect, warmth, support and guides.

Our pre-school programme provides a stimulating and fun introduction to early childhood education where children from the ages of 1 – 4 years old enter our playgroup and children from 4 – 6 years old getting ready for school in out kindergarten classes.

Our daycare programmes cater sfor children from 1 – 10 years old, where parents can drop there kids off for 1 hour or for the full day with the confidence that our highly trained and qualified staff will stimulate and entertain them during their time in any of our sites.

Our Philosophy

At Cheeky Monkeys we believe that childhood is a unique, valuable and the most important stage of a child’s life. We believe that children are unique individuals with their own personality and interests that we should value.

Children learn by doing; through actions, observations, inquiries, interactions, opportunities and repetitions. Children learn when they move, jump, sing, dance, act, copy their friends and just simply play! When children experience a sense of enjoyment during the learning activities and they establish this connection of feelings, that’s when we achieve a very important step. Which is to inspire curiosity and inquiries in and outside the classroom and in doing so is to build a strong motivation and to nurture a feeling of a life-long love of learning.

Our curriculum

Cheeky Monkeys follows the UK National Curriculum as the basis for its teaching guidelines and learning outcomes. We incorporate this framework into fun, playful and creative activities. The curriculum is adapted to the local Balinese and Indonesian context, so that children learn about the rich, beautiful cultures that they live in.

Cheeky Monkeys uses the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum as the primary guide to the development of our curriculum and lesson planning. This is a comprehensive early childhood development curriculum developing the holistic child from the ages of 0 – 60 months. Cheeky monkeys breaks classes into yearly groups of children and focuses on meeting the development milestones outlines in the EYFS

Our other signature programme is ‘Discover Life’s Simple Pleasures.’ Here we do gardening, cooking, designing, learning how to look after pet, going for a picnic and doing art appreciation are some of the activities in this program. We believe in beautiful hand made toys, natural environment, storybooks that inspire and everything else that stimulates creative thinking.